FIBATRON, a South African manufacturing entity, was founded in 1970 in Johannesburg. Starting with the manufacture of Laminar Flow Pure Work Stations, the company now also manufacture a wide range of filters, fan filter units and Laminar Flow benches.

We also design, supply and erect specialised air handling units such as Hospital Operating theaters to internationally accepted standards.

Our main product range includes the following

  • Primary washable panel filters i.e. WP77 & WP88 range wire supported
    Primary self supported panel filers i.e. CC99
    Multistage and L-Type holing frames with accessories such as clips and gaskets
    Extended surface box type HEPA filters
    Serva Pak extended surface pocket filters
    Laminar flow benches
    Rigaflow/Dispocell 65,85,95
    Fibreglass filter media rolls and pads cut to size - FG
    Synthetic filter media rolls and pads cut to size - RL
    Media holding frames - AC.

FIBATRON products are found in the following areas;
· Mines
· High rise buildings
· Power stations
· Pharmaceutical production
· Hospitals
· Electronic chip production
· Research and nuclear applications
· Steel production
· Chemical and petrochemical production and
· General industry

The company is also active in particle and cell sizing/counting systems. This is particularly important for the manufacture of clean rooms of all types.

Made in South Africa,
FIBATRON products are considered amongst the best available for specialised environments such as power stations and control rooms and hospitals.

FIBATRON is the sole agent for the Mini-pleat filter product range in South Africa and the Sub-Sahara African Continent.

Its large modern manufacturing facility produces a wide range of filters which cover the requirements for all clean air applications in these fields. It includes primary filters, secondary filters and tertiary filters. Furthermore the company has acquired their own source of products, such as a comprehensive range of Mini-pleat H.E.P.A Filters, together with a well known brand of synthetic media as used for spray booth applications. We are now in a position to offer you our products at the most competitive prices.